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***You only need to read this page once***

To all Class of 1980 Alumni:

WHETHER YOU ATTEND THE REUNION OR NOT, we'd like you to complete your profile on the 'Classmate Profiles' page.  Once approved, you will have full access to the entire site.  We hope to keep this website up long after our reunion is over as it's a great way to stay in touch.  But we need your help to really make it rock! There are already 87 Profiles posted....make sure yours is included too!!

Complete the Classmate Profile form.  Upload a picture of yourself from high school (your 'then' photo) and also a current one (your 'now' photo.)  IF you don't include your own photo from the high school years.....WE'LL find one!  So you may just want to upload your own!   (I do have yearbook photos I can upload for you.)

Once your profile is approved, you'll receive an email with the website password, and your profile will be published on the Classmate Profiles page. You will then have full website access and can log in to edit your profile and/or upload pictures to the photo albums.

Don't worry-
all private contact information
will be kept private!*

*You must include an email address but it will NOT appear in your profile.  ALL personal contact information will be kept CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared on this website unless you post it here publicly yourself.  Your email address and mailing address will be added to our database for upcoming events, but the only individuals with access to that information is the reunion planning group.  If you would like others to have your email address, please include it in your comments section.
Please Note...
We've briefly opened up the Profiles section so classmates can see the profiles without needing a password.  Typically, the Profiles section is a password-protected page, due to some classmates receiving emails from strangers.  Remember that if you receive an email from a stranger via this website, they do not have the ability to see/spam your email address, only to send you an email message (without your email address being revealed.)  If you do receive an email from someone through this site-make sure you know who's emailing you before you return their message!

Finally (IMPORTANT to note)...
1) Registering on the class website has nothing to do with the class reunion, but completing your profile will give us your contact info to add to our database for the 35th Reunion.

2) Your profile will not post immediately to the website as the web administrator must approve it first.  Once approved, your classmate profile will be visible only to those with the passcode (which you'll receive after completing your profile, as stated above.)  Your response email could come right away, or it may take two or three days-please be patient.  In the meantime...
please sign the guestbook to let everyone know you stopped by!

Don't forget to let other classmates know about this website!