Did we have great music, or what?!?

Below are several compilations found on YouTube, which all contain snippets of music we listened to throughout high school, and even during our jr. high years.

Yes, there are some songs/musicians missing (for example-there could be more Journey, and where the heck is Cheap Trick??!!) but no worries.  Even with the absence of some of our is guaranteed that the music here will definitely bring back memories!

These YouTube videos feature top songs during each year - 1980 through 1975 - along with a couple that review top hits during the entire decade. There's even one with top hard-rock hits during the 70s, as many of those songs didn't make it into the other videos.

So go on - take a trip down memory lane. Enjoy the music, remember the different types of dances, and check out the clothing in these!

If this music doesn't take you back to younger years, nothing will!